Ms. Frizzle Help Us!

I just read this article published in the Washington Post and had to share it. Women are left behind in STEM careers and college degrees. Well, this article makes the claim that bringing back “The Magic School Bus” might help our girls out.

Before STEM was even an acronym, Ms. Frizzle was rocking science garb and telling girls (and boys) to “take a closer look”. The show has been off the air since the late 90’s but, like a lot of other discontinued cartoons, Netflix has purchased 26 episodes which will bring it to a whole new group of viewers. They are creating a new version of the show with computer animation and also streaming the old version. The books are also still in print, and when I was working at the library I can honestly say they were checked out pretty regularly.

Maybe bringing Ms. Frizzle back will spark some new interest in children to pursue science. As I was reading I started thinking of other shows that used to be on which were science related; “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, which ended in 1998; “Science Court”, ended in 2000 which was one of my favorites (if you haven’t seen it view an episode here.) Maybe we need a revival of these kinds of shows. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind listening to the “Bubble Guppies” theme song a dozen times a day and they do talk about some science topics. But maybe we need to bring back some late 90’s styled TV shows for kids, which mainly focuses on science.

You can read the full article here.


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  1. recently went to a inservice on grant writing and the instrutor brough up Mrs. Frizzle, mainly her focus on trying new things and its OK to fail, its how we learn “Get on the Bus” She also talked about how many kids today have “Sandbox Deprivation” the inability to play with others, socialize and learn how to get messy…I know a lot of kids like this, they need to play, argue, get messy and learn how to make mistakes.


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