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Summer 2014 Song

So this is a little off topic but at the same time it’s not. This summer has been a whirl wind for me as far as my career goes. I left a stable (but not going anywhere) position at a library that I really enjoyed working at (for the most part) to pursue a grant written job that has absolutely no stability or guaranteed end date. I could go in tomorrow and they could tell me “sorry grants been pulled, no job for you” and this almost happened. There were a few days where we didn’t know if the state was going to go forward with the BASIS Program that I work for so for a couple days I didn’t know if I would have a job.

Anyway that was just to set up why this summer has been so critical for me. I never thought I would be a teacher, educator, tutor, mother, anything that made me spend extra time with kids or teens. That just wasn’t for me. I liked lattes and smoking and talking about controversial topics in literature. I didn’t want to make construction paper bunnies and listen to teens complain about their parents.

Well I was wrong…I have loved this experience. I actually am considering going back to school or taking the Praxis so I can actually be a full time educator. I also may start an educational nonprofit in my area. I don’t know but I definitely think I had found my niche. The whole reason I even became the Young Adult librarian at the library I worked at was because no one else would do it. Teens get over looked SO MUCH when it comes to educational incentives. Just Google it. You’ll see how many things there are for elementary students. Look at your libraries and see how much stuff they have for younger kids compared to their teen patrons. Granted there are plenty of great grants, nonprofits, and government programs that offer scholarships for students entering college (and other college prep material) but the teens in the middle of the road? Not much…

So this was a super long story just to say that the song I will think of for the Summer of 2014 as asked by Musical Maker is “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz.




I am writer, education activist, doodler, and coffee/tea enthusiast.

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