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Fun on a string

I’m all about finding whatever will entertain my daughter using only what we have on hand. Working with a small budget while raising kids doesn’t always allow you the best toys and educational supplies that are available.  However, you don’t need a dozen Leap Frog toys or Baby Einstein DVDs to teach your children in a fun way.

Our battle right now is Frozen. My daughter went from never even glancing at the TV to screaming if anything but Frozen is playing. She actually sits through almost the whole movie. While that’s amazing I have been trying to come up with things to do while we are stuck inside that will peel her away from Olaf who likes warm hugs.

I was cleaning one morning while she was eating and I found a bunch of string I had bought for a craft I never did. My first thought was a tent. Using her baby gate and a chair we made our little blanket fort.

WP_20140825_006 WP_20140825_007 WP_20140825_009


That was amusing for about fifteen or twenty minutes which for her is pretty good. Once she started just pulling the blanket down I figured it was time to move on. (Note: Using the chair worked for awhile but when she pulled hard enough on the blanket the chair fell. We ended up tying the string to the door knob next to it, it’s a little safer).

Beings I was doing laundry I had clothes on the brain. So I gave Riley some clothes pins and some of her clothes to “hang up”.


WP_20140825_004 WP_20140825_003 WP_20140825_002


This was a good activity. It helps with motor skills and fine tuning hand movements. It also is helping with vocabulary. I would say put the shirt up when she needed to hang it and take the shirt down when it needed to come off.





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One thought on “Fun on a string

  1. So cute, love the pictures and creative ways to entertain little ones, hopefully as she gets older she’ll want to help out with chores 🙂


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