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Why I love Maggie Stiefvater

I have been meaning to do a post on one of my favorite YA authors of all time and how her novels can help teens build their creative writing skills; however things have been taking priority and I keep putting it on the back burner. But then I saw that she is giving away Blue Lily, Lily Blue ARCs (so yes this post does have a wee bit of a selfish motive) to those who posted on why they enjoyed The Raven Boys. I don’t think there are any spoilers…

First let me start off with the fact that I recently became the librarian at a Catholic school serving students from Pre-K to 8th grade. My first mission after I walked through the very small aisles, three to be exact, was to weed. And weed I did. We didn’t need four copies of Twilight anymore, Pluto is not a planet much to my dismay, and teens now do not need to know how to make their MySpace accounts safer.

So I sighed a little breath of relief and went home after a long day of hauling books and started rereading The Scorpio Races. With a loud gasp I jumped up! Almost gave my poor, resting, cat a heart attack and sent her flying open clawed onto my fiance when I realized; we had no Maggie Stiefvater novels. Not one. The next day I set to work on how to start ordering new materials and I rectified that situation immediately. So that was basically a long introduction that has nothing to do with why I enjoyed The Raven Boys.

While I love that Stiefvater usually writes in the first person, usually from more than one person in a novel, The Raven Boys moves into the third person which I thought was a nice change (and will add to my lesson on creative writing for the student who gets Stiefvater). I am not a romance reader. Not even a little. However, if it is done just right and it isn’t pounded into my face to the point I get a nose bleed it is sometimes okay. Stiefvater did that in The Raven Boys which is something I really appreciated. Even though the love element is very complicated and deep there is more focus on the friendships of the boys and the complicated relationships they have. Besides that what I love about The Raven Boys is the tone and amazing storytelling quality of Stiefvater’s voice in this novel. My favorite author of all time is Poe and I feel like this novel captures an eerie quality that many authors have tried for but do not come close to capturing.

This is some fan art I have found via the interwebs to help anyone considering reading this novel (click on photo to get to where I found it):


       Gansey, and the whole gang, fan art by

Adam and Ronan (The Raven Boys written by maggie-stiefvater)<br /><br />
I wanted something spooky for Halloween and so I hope this satisfies! <br /><br />
By the way, if you follow me and you still haven’t read The Raven Boys, shame on you. Go read it right now! 



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