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Certified to Teach

I am in the process of trying to get my teaching certification. As of now I work at a private school so I can teach and be the librarian without one. However, I am still only working part time. Sometimes I have my doubts whether this is how I want to make a living. I started this blog ranting and raving about how I just decided that this is what I wanted to be when I grow up, and for the most part I do. But with any job there is some, well bs, that you have to deal with.

I am censoring myself here but most of the problems are even from the students themselves. I honestly was a little shell shocked at first dealing with the younger kids. Shell shocked actually doesn’t cut it. I think I cried a little. I know I cried a little.

But now, even though it hasn’t been that long, I am getting more used to the temperament of a classroom. I am starting to get excited when the students come in and say “I really loved that book” or “I had fun with this project” (yes some actually say that). I work with a wide range of grades and I’m starting to enjoy the younger ones the same (sometimes more) than the older ones which is a HUGE shock.

I guess it’s just not all “Oh captain, my captain” moments and that’s just reality. Even with the constant having to say “shhh” and “no speaking when someone else is speaking” and “yes I told you last week that it was due today. And the week before that” it’s still a rewarding job.

All this was just to say I registered for my second Praxis II exam for next month and I’m nervous!



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One thought on “Certified to Teach

  1. I think teaching has become one of the hardest jobs partially due to so many kids not having stable homes and not being parented well, to know basic manners and have respect for teachers. But, I still remember the teachers that took interest and inspired me to do better and be creative and there were times that I looked to them for support and encouragement more than my family. So as hard and as underpaid as teaching is, there is so much potential to make a difference in a child’s life. Its not for everyone, but God bless those who can do it well.


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