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Fellow Blogger

I have been trying to figure out a way to rearrange my library and create these “centers” I keep reading about. It seems like it would soooo much easier than what I am doing now which is basically assignments every day. But I have objectives of what the students need to know by the end of the year so they have to actually do work.

Some of the blogs/websites that I have seen about creating centers is just not doable in the very small space that I have. However, Mama Scout did a post two years ago of things that you can do in the public library with your child that I think are great. These can work for me as a teacher and as a parent. I just thought I should share:



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One thought on “Fellow Blogger

  1. I just went to our local library last week, I forget how nice it is as an afternoon trip for little ones, especially with day of nasty weather coming up, even at 17 months there is a lot for my granddaughter to do there and she had a good time there.


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