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Mood and Tone

It’s hard sometimes to find words to teach others about literary terms that I just take for granted. Mood and Tone for example. I know what they are, I understand the difference. But verbalizing it at first was tricky for me. I looked up examples and found some mood vs tone videos on Youtube but most of them were kind of boring (sorry).

Then, a miracle happened! I was on searching for something completely different and I came across this gem.

At first I just thought it was funny because my daughter has made me watch Frozen no less than 2,672 times. But then I realized this is a great way to teach mood. There’s a whole slew of these movie trailers turning sad movies into funny movies (there’s one making Batman into a comedy which is pretty good) and happy movies into terrifying movies. This one I thought might be too creepy for my students:

I just thought I would share because it might be a new way to explain to students and your teens about how author’s can create a certain mood in a story.



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