Best Teaching Strategy Ever

I just had to share this. I was driving the other day, on my day off, and I have had some issues with unruly students in my class. It is a library and silence is just not something that comes easily. It’s getting better- anyway! I was driving and on the radio, this woman was talking about a teacher (in some state I didn’t listen, sorry). She taught high school English I believe. Her class of high school students was apparently one of the loudest she had ever had and she was getting overly frustrated with them. She heard a few of them talking about the show Game of Thrones.

When she heard that she said “how many of you are watching the show Game of Thrones?”

Most of the class put their hands up.

She then said. “When I ask you to get quiet and you don’t, I will start writing spoilers up on the board. I have read all of the books.”

Apparently, the tactic worked! I just thought I would share.


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