“The Raven” Further Reading

At the beginning of the year, we (8th grade and I) tried to analyze “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. Naturally, when you analyze anything with 8th graders, and most grades I would say, they want to know “did the author mean to do that?” When going into the mood, the theme, the motifs throughout the poem (and “The Raven” is riddled with them) I was asked this time and time again.

For some poems, I want to say, “no I don’t think the author was really thinking about that when they wrote it.” For “The Raven,” I don’t know. I am torn because I do believe Poe to be one of the most talented writers ever to be in print and yet there is a piece of me that is like “ehh maybe that was an accident?” Then there are parts of me that are more prone to think he did purposefully write every piece for a specific point. I found this blog post that kind of reiterates the argument that I wanted to share.

Guest Blog: ‘The Raven’ – Nevermore.


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  1. this may be one of the reasons I was never a huge poetry fan, I like some of it and like opera, can apreciate that it takes a huge talent to create/perform it even if it is not my cup of tea. I did enjoy someone else breaking down the hidden meanings of poems sometimes, in my various college English classes. But in general always felt like they were too much work to figure out on my own, at least for the purpose of reading enjoyment.


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