Christmas with Teens

So now that I have a toddler I am reliving all the Christmas jitters I got as a kid (let’s be real I still got them before I had a toddler). But it is really exciting to find new family traditions to start.

However, it seems that as the holidays approach teens seem to get left out as far as activities go. Besides asking for new electronics or a thousand new name brand shoes there isn’t always a lot for them to do. I think it’s important to keep them interested and excited about the holidays. If they don’t have a younger sibling this may seem a little daunting so here are some ideas:

Make gifts: You are never too old to make homemade gifts. Half of what I am giving out this year are homemade gifts. Try to focus on a special family member like grandparents or close aunt or uncle. They can create photo gifts, jewelry gifts, ornaments, candles, there are dozens of ideas out there. Check out this site for some ideas.

Spa Day: If you have a daughter doing a Christmas spa day might be a great way to bond. I am not the “salon/spa/beauty day” type but I always take a day right before Christmas and right before my birthday to do an at-home beauty day. Try doing one at home with your teen. Get some fun nail colors or stickers that go with the holidays. Beware you may end up looking like this-

Make some homemade beauty recipes like a super easy sugar scrub or a face mask (this one is anti acne and anti aging). My personal favorite homemade face wash that I just started using is:

1 Lemon, squeezed into a jar with a lid

20 drops of grape seed oil

5 drops of olive oil

1/4 cup oatmeal

Mix the wet ingredients together in jar. Put the oatmeal in a different bowl and slowly add the wet mixture to it using dropper. Also add some water in between. You should get the oatmeal to a mushy texture but not soaked. Now rub your face with it! It definitely is weird washing your face with oatmeal but my skin feels awesome after doing this.

Charity: Remembering those in need is something that is always important around the holidays. This can be as simple as working at a soup kitchen, doing a clean out day where you and your teen go through your closets and find things to donate, sponsor a grandparent or child from one of the local churches nearby. Or if your teen is really creative, why not pick something to raise money for and try a t-shirt fundraiser. Check out Bonfire Funds for help and ideas.

Baking: You are never too old to bake Christmas cookies…enough said.

Ask them! Maybe they know of something a friend of theirs does as a tradition or they’ve seen something online that they thought would be cool to try. Sometimes it’s just as simple as asking them what they want to do to better enjoy the holidays.


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