Goal Setting

Probably the most boring blog post title EVER. But I started teaching Fundamentals of College Study and I also just made it through another round of midterms and something seemed to be repeated. Goal setting. For students young and old this seems to be extremely difficult.

For my middle school students, I had them do an autobiography for me. There were several sections and one part was a “Want Ad”. On it, they were to put what they wanted for their futures; spouses, jobs, location, ect. Some of my students who are complete slackers in class and underachievers were putting things like doctors and engineers. Same thing with my college students. This is only the first week but there were quite a few on their t-shirts (kind of the same thing only a t-shirt that either had a drawing or a quote about their educational goals and future) who had very hard to obtain career choices.

When we started to speak about goals and goal setting it reminded me of last summer working with lower income students. A lot of them wanted to be doctors, lawyers, ect (mostly because of money) but they were in danger of not even graduating.

I’m not saying these goals are not going to happen but there seems to be a complete void in thought about the smaller goals needed to meet your large goals. You can’t become a doctor if you don’t graduate from high school. That is a fact.

Part of my curriculum is explaining goal setting and why it’s important and all these things that people for the most part already know. But maybe this is something that should be taught earlier? Maybe the concept of smaller goals all leading to a larger goal should be demonstrated at a younger age. Say your child wants to read a whole new series of books. That right there could be a demonstration. If they go one book at a time, they make the small goal to finish each book in two or three weeks. Then have a larger goal of finishing the series by the end of the school year, or something along those lines.


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