Memory: Use or create rhymes and songs to remember formulas or detailed information.

I was reviewing some notes for my upcoming Intro to College Study class when I came across this post. The Animaniacs video down the bottom I have seen a dozen times and I love it. I really do think songs, rhymes, jingles, and what have you help with remembering lists of information that you don’t need every day!

Study Tip a Day

Geraldine Markel, Demons Distraction Memory Strategy Study Essay Student College High SchoolIt starts as early as toddlerhood, swaying rhythmically as you memorize the alphabet to the “ABC” song. You probably still remember intricate clapping routines and jump rope sequences performed to rhymes like “Miss Lucy” and “Spanish Dancer.” Did you chant your multiplication tables and sing your American presidents? It was so easy to memorize texts, lists and songs when your whole body was involved in the learning process. That is why preschool and primary teachers often use rhyme and song to help learning and retention.

Unfortunately, these in-class practices tend to disappear after elementary school. This is a shame, because studies confirm that what works well when kids are young remains effective for students who are older. You’re probably already aware of the ways in which rap music and slam poetry integrate rhyme, beat and movement with the expression of complex ideas and emotions. Applying lyrical, rhythmic and movement cues…

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  1. I used to love school house rock and still remember the Preamble to the Constitution by heart because of it and what a conjunction is lol. I don’t think there is a medical or nursing student that hasn’t used mnemonics to remember anatomy: On Old Olympus Towering Tops A Fin And German Viewed Some Hops was the only way I could remember all the cranial nerves (and still use it to help me) Olfactory Opthalmic, Ocular, Trochler, Trigmeminus, Auditory, Facial, Abducent, Glosso-pharyngeal, Vagus, Spinal, hypoglossal, It not only sets the pattern in your mind to help you remember it makes it a little more fun. They should bring those songs programs and play them on Nick and Disney in-between cartoons, and teachers should continue them into the elementary and upper grades.


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