Learning at home: A week’s worth

I am currently getting information together for a program I want to do next year to help local parents, teachers, grandparents, whomever, help to promote literacy at home. Below is one week worth of ideas to help you:

Things to do at home throughout the month to help improve literacy:

Monday- Make a grocery list for the week using pictures from magazines. Have your child help pick out foods they want. Glue to a piece of paper or in a list order.

Tuesday-Focus on whatever season it is. If its spring, read a book about spring, sing a song about spring, talk about the weather. Go outside and look at the birds and flowers that are only out in the spring. Summer time, read about the beach and the sun. Autumn, read about the leaves and the trees. Winter, read about the cold and the snow. Just make sure to talk today.

Wednesday- Water play! Winter time- play with the snow. Use spoons, cups, and measuring supplies to scoop different amounts of snow into a large bowl. Summer- play with a bowl water and a sponge. Can you transfer all the water in one bowl into an empty bowl?

Thursday-Nursery Rhyme Time: Learn Five Little Ducks

Friday- Walk around the house (maybe while doing laundry or cleaning kitchen). Find at least ten blue items. Reward with a yummy blue snack- Jello, freeze pop, gummies, blueberries and Cool Whip, ect.

Saturday- Go to the library! Check out any programs going on throughout the month.

Sunday- Learn what your name starts with. Give a cutout or draw an outline of the letter. Let them color it in, decorate it with stickers, whatever they want.

Just one week of things to do with your child to help promote literacy. Just keep in mind, early literacy is not forcing your child to learn to read and write at an early age. It’s engaging them in a way that learning is fun, and interesting, so they will want to keep learning as they get older. That’s it in a nutshell!


One thought on “Learning at home: A week’s worth

  1. Great Ideas! sometimes it is nice just to stay around the house and yard and spend time learning by using the things that surround children all the time, and having them involved with nature and the environment. I think we all get too busy with running everywhere it is easy to forget how much we can help kids learn by focusing in on our home and close surroundings.


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