Help I’m Stuck and Can’t Get Out…side

If you didn’t see my playing in the rain post, I will just say I’m all about getting outside and getting dirty. However, sometimes (like when there’s a severe winter storm heading your way) you have to be prepared for being stuck indoors, possibly for more than one day. So here are some ideas I’ve come across for dealing with babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and even significant others when you can’t get out…

Hot Lava Game- Best for toddlers and kids

Put pillows on the ground and spread them out (but not too far apart). Have a starting point at one end, and something that needs to be rescued at the other (a favorite toy maybe?). Then tell your child the ground is hot lava! They can’t touch anything but the pillows to get from one end to the other.


(Photo source linked)

Play Ball!- Best for Toddlers, kids, and even tweens

Well…not really. But there are a lot of fun things to do with balloons while stuck in the house and you don’t have to worry about everything breaking around you. The website above has some great ideas like this easy to make paddle game.

Yoga- For everyone

I realize this may seem like a lame idea compared to the lava game; however, everyone can do yoga. You can find resources for Mom/Baby yoga, Mom/Toddler yoga, yoga for teens, and yoga for couples.

Hide and Seek- Toddler and kids (and some babies as well)

I think you know how to play hide and seek by now. If you have a baby in addition to your toddler you can just take him/her with you to your hiding spot. They usually get a kick out of their older siblings being able to find them. Also, if the game starts to get boring (there are only so many places indoors to hide) then make it a silly game. Let your toddler hide somewhere really obvious but pretend you don’t see them anyway.

easy pretend play ideas

(Photo source linked)

Pretend Play- Babies, Toddlers, and kids

I’m a huge pretend play fan and advocate. When you’re stuck inside just pretend you’re not. Be a pirate, a doctor, a one legged baker, come up with really crazy characters. The website linked above has some great ideas and more than likely you have things in your home already. Paper towel rolls, laundry baskets, boxes, etc.


Mandalas- Tweens, Teens, adults

Coloring mandalas has been proven to be a stress reliever. If you have a printer at home find some that speak to you, and your kids, and get to coloring. The intricate designs may be too hard for younger kids but there are websites available that have some more simply designed versions.


Board Games- Kids, Tweens, Teens, and adults

If you have them, use them. Cards, Uno, and dominoes can help pass the time as well.


Glow in the Dark Ring Toss- Everyone

If you’re stuck inside finding games to play in the dark can sometimes be the most fun. Make a ring toss game from glow in the dark bracelets. Use a paper towel roll and something to steady it, like a shoe box. Cut a hole so you can push the paper towel roll through. Then toss the glow rings and try to get some on.


(Photo source linked)

Picnics- Everyone

I love indoor picnics. Get on the floor, spread out a blanket, and eat some snacks like you would on a picnic. Cater it to your guest.



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  1. Great Ideas for being stuck inside…let the children’s imagination run wild, also like camping inside put up a blanket (tent) and turn off light, use flashlights (may need them for storm) and sleep in sleeping bags.


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