How to find the fairies in your yard

I am doing a fairy program at the end of next month and started doing some research on finding fairies. I love this little article on it and it’s a creative way to get kids to play and use their imaginations.

The Party Fairy's Magic Mirror

       In the days long ago, when someone else mowed the lawn and you chased the fireflies, your back yard was filled with magical hills and hollows, paths of adventure and moments of wonder.  Recapture some of the spirit of those long ago adventures with your own children this summer by searching for fairies at twilight or building enchanting fairy houses.

        If you’re wondering just where and how to spot fairies in your backyard, start with these tips:

        The best time to spot fairies is at night. Your chances are greater after a rain storm, because fairies tend to cling to the underside of leaves when it rains.  Once the rain ends, look carefully at the rain-soaked leaves. You’ll often see tiny specks of light glistening just beneath the leaves – especially if your neighbor has his porch light on, or there’s a light at the end of your driveway. Those tiny points of lights are napping…

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