Sleep deprived

I am so sick of reading articles about babies and children not sleeping; but at the same my kids won’t sleep so I end up reading them over and over again.



Teething and/or illness?


Is their room in appropriate lighting?

Oh you mean the spotlight I have shinning in their faces? Totally.

Have you tried music?

Dear God, yes. And Ocean sounds. And rain sounds.

Have you tried oils?

Only like 19 of them but if you have more let me know.

Are you soothing too much?

Well, there’s two. So crying it out isn’t an option since they’re both loud enough to wake the neighbors, let alone each other.

Be stern. Tell them it’s bedtime and leave. Then come back in five minutes and blah blah blah…nothing works.

So upon my stumble I found this. Not so much advice, but at least I know it’s not just me.

Just wanted to share the article because it made me feel better, might help other parents struggling with sleep deprivation.


One thought on “Sleep deprived

  1. no you are definitely not alone, the mom in the article really sounds tired and I do feel for her. I have been an advocate of it OK to sleep with your kids, it won’t last forever. I know the “experts” disagree. But if the child needs reassurance, snuggles, a warm body to calm them I just don’t see how it will permanently hurt them. I slept with my baby, toddler, then small child for a long time. she eventually stayed in her own bed. If having the child in your bed disrupts your sleep so you just can’t function, then I would continue to try and put them in their beds and encourage them to stay there, but wouldn’t let it progress to screaming and tears and distress.. but that is just me. It might be easier to have a little place, a cot, sleeping bag etc in your room as an alternate place for them to go when their room is too scary, cold, hot…etc.


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