Just Be Mom

If someone would have told me six years ago that my passions would turn from literature and traveling, to education and parenting; I would have been a little skeptical. If someone would have said ‘you will be married with two kids and you will spend hours coming up with fun educational things for them to do at home in addition to researching hours upon hours about parenting skills and trends to help you at home and at work’; I would have plain laughed-out-loud in their face.

I’m no expert on parenting. I honestly don’t think there even is such a thing as a “parenting expert”. This is a safe place. A place for ideas to help you with your own children, students, or relatives. I want this to be a place for just about everything that you could need to help you in your parenting journey, or just life in general. Posts range from not sleeping newborns, to talking back teens, to learning history, to helping with science projects and getting kids outside, to ADHD, to early literacy, to just keeping your sanity in the mix of it all.

If you are interested in guest blogging or have any feedback, please email at brittneydherz@yahoo.com (until I get a fancy email).

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