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About Me sections of someone’s website are usually the first area you overlook because you are specifically on their site for a purpose. There’s an article or blog post or a ridiculous piece of advice that someone referred you to that you just had to come and check out.

Ten years ago I had grand plans. Plans of taking my degree in Creative Writing that I was then in the process of getting, moving to Anchorage or Boston, writing my best seller as I worked as a barista part-time and as a paranormal researcher part-time. I would decorate my imaginary studio apartment in my head when I couldn’t sleep, listen to my sound machine making the clinks of rain and see it outside my dream city apartment window as I typed on a keyboard or scribbled in a notebook. I would sit in a state of reverie envisioning the hustle and bustle of a struggling writer’s life. Obviously, I understand the naivety to some of this dream but I digress.

I did get my Creative Writing degree and my minor in History. I did get those, just the way I wanted. It all went down the path less traveled from there. Or I guess, the path more traveled. The path I didn’t want to go down for the longest time. The path I avoided even looking down. We’ll fast forward but after more time, more school, one wedding, and two children, Boston didn’t happen. I received my Master’s in Library Science instead because that’s what the cool kids do.

I traded my dreams of the city for picnics in the backyard. Now, when I can’t sleep I listen to sounds of the ocean or a campfire. I squeeze in writing in between playing Candy Land, making TV props out of cardboard boxes, diaper changes, bath times, and story time. My career is nothing like what I thought it would be. My life is nothing what ten years ago me thought it would be. I say all this to make light of what this site is really here for.

In this blog, you will mostly read topics that relate to kids. I’ll just be honest, my kids rule my world. Good and bad. In my career history, I have been a librarian, teacher, executive director, and workshop instructor. All of those things shape what I write about on this blog. I try to give you ideas to help you with literacy, pediatric mental health, at home education, simple living, and just trying to be a more fun parent. It’s actually a lot of work sometimes to be fun, which is really lame to say out loud. Sometimes it’s not though, so hopefully, I can help you with that. Posts range from not sleeping newborns, to talking back teens, to learning history, to helping with science projects and getting kids outside, to ADHD, to early literacy, to just keeping your sanity in the mix of it all.

If you are interested in guest blogging or have any feedback, please email at

Brittney D. Herz- Freelance writer, instructor, and Founder of Lemonade Bookstand


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